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A major reason for the increasing importance of system integration is the advancement of automation technology, as well as the need to simplify processes for easier management. An integrated HR system offers a variety of HR functions in a single platform. With this you can manage employee databases, time and attendance, payroll, performance management and recruitment.

Here are our top five benefits of using integrated HR systems.

Better Analysis:

Previously you may have analyzed all data in different places and taken the necessary steps to make the data comparable between different systems. Normally this involved downloading it from each separate system and exporting it into a different tool. This can be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. An integrated system will provide faster access to current developments, figures, data – ensuring the whole process is simpler and easier to manage.

Quicker decision-making:

Through integrated systems, users will also be able to report on key metrics in real time, and usually from any device or geographic location, too. This means you’ll be able to identify – and resolve – problems as they happen. Conversely, those areas of the organizations can be celebrated, and enhanced even further.

Increased accuracy:

The fact that data only has to be entered into your system once has the added benefit of improving your data accuracy. With multiple systems, more people are required to input more data, which multiplies the possibility of human error – and all the problems that come with it.An integrated system, while not completely removing the possibility of human error completely, does vastly reduce it through a simplified and much smaller data input requirement – giving you much greater confidence in the accuracy of your employee records.

Costs and Storage Savings:

Having all your data in one central location will reduce costs related to installing, procuring, and maintaining multiple systems. You will also reduce costs and time spent on upkeep and troubleshooting. Some businesses benefit from licensing fees and subscriptions being reduced too. Having all your information in one location will save on storage space (and costs). On top of this, the wealth of information that is collected off the back of an integrated system is easier to access, which leads to better decision making.

Increases Work Efficiency: When you use a single system, you have a much greater scope for automation. You can minimize the number of manual intervention needed to complete a process and create a standardized workflow process. An integrated system provides you with a single set of data, which enables an easy flow of information. Any update or edit is synced in real-time.

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